LEGO CAT International

(CAT = Computer Aided Teaching/Technology)

This project has been funded with support
from the European Commision.
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ISS Deambrosis Natta
Vocational High School of Orestiada
Portalens Gymnasium Udevalla

How can lego robots help you understand IT, programming, 3D-animation, mathematics and a range of technical courses? 14 to 17 old students and their teachers from 5 European countries cooperate in this project and use English to communicate and report about the progress made.

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Budai Középiskola
VTI Veurne

Webdesign is one of the main subjects in the curriculum of our Swedish partner. Since we want the right "man" on the right place, they will be re-shaping and taking over this website. If you want to see the progress, click on this link!