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questions and answers
Hello, how are you? Hallo, Hoe maakt u het?
Thank you. / Thanks. Dank u (wel)
yes / no ja / neen
What is your name? My name is ... Hoe heet je? Mijn naam is ...
Goodbye. / See you. Tot ziens.
Where is ...? Waar is ...?
straight ahead / left / right rechtdoor / links / rechts
beautiful / nice mooi
When? Wanneer?
How long? one hour? Hoe lang? 1uur
How much for ...? / How much does it cost? Hoeveel kost ...?


Good morning / -afternoon / -evening Goedemorgen / -middag / -avond
good / bad / headache / stomachache goed / slecht / koppijn / buikpijn
(to) drink / (to) eat drinken / eten
Enjoy. / Have a nice meal. Smakelijk.
school / home school / thuis


two twee
three drie
four vier
five vijf
six zes
seven zeven
eight acht
nine negen
ten tien
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