Mohammad Ali Nodeh

I am 18 years old and live at “De Panne” on the Belgian coast.

My hobbies are playing the guitar, playing chess and gaming.

I have 1 sister who's married and I live with my mother who works in the hotel and catering industry.

And I have 1 dog.

Bart Derudder

I'm 18 years old, live at Veurne and I have 2 sisters.

My father is a teacher in our school and my mother is a nurse.

My hobby is creating websites: MMORPG's.

Boris Bordon

I was born at Veurne on 27 September 1990

I have 1 brother who's 3 years older than me.

My hobby is “KSA”, a kind of boy scouts


Klaas Deriemaeker

I live at Veurne and I'm 16 years old

I have 1 brother. And my hobby is playing badminton.

I have one dog that likes sweets.


Maarten Lermytte

I'm 16 and I have 1 sister who's 14 years old and 1 brother who's 10.

I live at “Adinkerke”, approximately 5km from our school.

My hobbies are: athletics, playing badminton and all kinds of computer work.

My father is a teacher for children who are 10 and 11 years old and my mother has her own shop.

Marijn Theunynck

I'm 16 and my hobbies are playing football, going out to parties

and a little bit working on the pc.

My mother is a secretary at a school for children up to 12 years old.

My father is a professional gardener.


Mathijs Masset

I live at “Oostduinkerke”, a village on the Belgian coast.

My hobbies are the band: “The Offshows” in which I play the drums

and riding my cross-country motorcycle .

Nicolas Vanden Bussche

I'm 16 years old and I have 1 brother who's called Olivier

I also live at Oostduinkerke, in the village outskirts.

My only hobby is being lazy.

Pieter Vandecasserie

I'm 17 years old and live in the Veurne countryside .

My hobbies are driving cars and going out to parties.

My parents are farmers and I have a sister who's 22 years old.

In the future I want to start my own car garage.

Now, I spend most of my time doing my graduation paper.

Richard Vandevenne

I'm 17 years old and I have 1 brother who's called Nick and he's 15.

My mother goes out to work and my father works at a paint shop for cars.

My hobbies are playing beach soccer, girls and music.


Stijn Hoflack

I'm 17 years old and live at Veurne.

My hobbies are going out, KSA (a form of boy scouts), and playing PC games.

If I want to do something, I go for it. But if I don't want to do anything, everybody can go to h…..


Wim Debyser

I teach mechanics, drawing, pneumatics, machine analysis and materials science to the third grade students.

I have 1 son.

Filip Robyn

I'm a teacher of English to 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year students of the technical department and 7th form students of the vocational department.

I'm also assistant headmaster “students' care”. I am married and I have 2 children. I live in Veurne.

My hobbies are reading books (if there's time, therefore especially in the holiday),

sports in general (swimming, running and playing football in particular) and I also love travelling (learn about other languages and cultures).


Wim Andries

I teach electronics in the third grade Science and Technology, Electromechanics and Electricity-Electronics.

In the comeniusproject I will especially support people of the third grade doing electronics tests.

As to my family life: I have no children yet and am engaged to be married in July 2008.

Filip Ameel

I teach technical courses mechanics in the 2nd grade.

Lut Hoornaert

I teach maths to the 5th and 6th form Science and Technology (8 hours!!). This means that my students range from 16 to 18 years of age.Moreover I am the coordinator of the third grade.

I ‘m not married. Besides my school life and other activities, most of my free time goes to horse riding and travelling. Apart from that I can also have fun with a walk, a good dinner, a walk in our region, …


Heidi Robesyn

I teach mechanics, materials science, pneumatics, hydraulics, Safety Certificate and Traffic, automation and mechanics lab practice .

Therefore in other words all courses linked to mechanics.

I teach 5th and 6th formers.

Ann Spenninck

I'm a teacher of electricity, electronics and electricity workshop practice and sometimes also physics. I studied to become an engineer.

I have been teaching at VTI Veurne for 17 years. I have 4 children: Skrollan 16.5, Thomas 14.5, Hermelien 5 and Liesl 4.

I love to go camping, making music (drums), going to the sea. I enjoy a glass of wine in the garden and having a BBQ.

And as a child I used to play with lego a lot. I'm very interested in green energy and I love a lot of sports, especially tennis.


Frederick D'alleine

I'm a teacher in VTI Veurne. I teach maths and data processing to the first 4 years of secondary education.

These students are 12 to 16 years old. I'm also the co-ordinator of the second grade.

This means that I ‘m responsible for the follow up of the activities and projects taking place in the third and fourth year.

Outside the school most of my free time goes to the scouts movement. There I supervise all the scouts groups of the north of our province.

And of course as a young teacher I will sometimes have a drink at the weekend.

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