Test your knowledge of the people in our school

1.What animal does our maths teacher love most ?
a) a horse
b) a dog
c) a snake

2.Who is the oldest student of 5/6 IW ?
a) Richard
b) Ali
c) Stijn

3.Which teacher loves camping ?
a) Mr Andries
b) Mrs Spenninck
c) Mrs Hoornaert

4.Which 2 students are active in KSA ?
a) Boris & Stijn
b) Klaas & Mathijs
c) Marijn & Maarten

5.Which 2 students play an instrument ?
a) Stijn & Klaas
b) Pieter & Bart
c) Mathijs & Ali

6.Which 2 teachers teach mechanics ?
a) Mr. Debyser & Miss Robesyn
b) Mr. Robyn & Mrs Spenninck
c) Mr. Ameel & Mr. Robyn

7.What is the name of the student whose father is a teacher at our school ?
a) Nicolas
b) Klaas
c) Bart

8.Which teacher has big plans for 2008 ?
a) Miss Robesyn
b) Mr. Robyn
c) Mr. Andries

9.Which students have a dog ?
a) Maarten & Stijn
b) Ali & Klaas
c) Boris & Marijn

10.Who has no hobbies ?
a) Richard
b) Marijn
c) Nicolas