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How we look

Our school and our schoolsystem

In Budapest there are eighty secondary schools, one of which is ours. It has been called Budai Középiskola ( Budai Secondary School ) since 1 July 2004 . In the previous 44 years it used to be called Táncsics Mihály Grammar School .
Our secondary school consists of two parts: the bilingual grammar school and the vocational school with economic and technological training.

Budai Középiskola belongs to the city council. We have 1300 pupils in 48 classes, 126 teachers and 40 technical workers. We have 10 beginner forms: one bilingual class, 3 language preparatory courses, one biology, one mathematics-computing, 2 economics and 2 technological ones.
An entrance competition is arranged 9 December 2006 in biology, physics, mathematics, German and English. For competitors ranking first, second or third it is not necessary to take part in the oral entrance exam.

Our entrance examination consists of two parts: one written and one oral examination. The written one is held in February including math and Hungarian literature and language, the oral one takes place in March. Teachers enquire about arts and scientific education.
The students attend our school between 14 and 19 years of age. On average there are about thirty students in a class. Each class is split up into two language groups, two math groups and two computing groups.
Each class has a classmaster, who has to take care of personal matters.

At the end of every semester the students get a notice in January and a certificate in June about their results in all subjects. In each semester there is a parents' meeting. This occasion is good for informing parents about their children's academic results and disciplinary problems.

Besides there are consulting hours in November and April. Taking part in these is not compulsory.

After lessons children can go in for sports: football, volley-ball, basketball, floor-ball and table tennis. We have two gyms, one fitness room and two football pitches. There is a swimming pool near here in Városmajor street .

Budai Középiskola has a drama society, a chess club and a newspaper editing circle for our 'Budai Monitor'.

Every August there is a 5-day camp for 'freshers' in Balatonakali. Here the students and the classmaster can get acquainted with each other. Every March we organise a meeting with the student government. Here the student leaders can give their opinion on school life, facilities, programmes such as schoolleavers 'ball and graduation ceremony.

In February we have a cultural evening with our most talented students performing. For this occasion all the parents are welcome so that they can socialize with the teachers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Every year there is a student day packed with competitions of various sorts. Every class has to find out something, for example an intellectual showgame, sports competitions or funny roleplays: getting married, beauty contests and so on.

Our secondary school provides a skicamp in February, a watercamp in June and several schooltrips to Transylvania , Slovakia , The Czech Republic, Austria , Poland , Italy , Turkey and England .

In the 1 st year our students can study the English language in 15 lessons a week in the bilingual class and in 12 lessons in the language preparatory courses. After passing the closing English examination members of the bilingual class learn 3 of the following subjects ( physics, mathematics, computer studies, biology, music and civilization) for 4 years in English. If they take advanced final exams in 2 subjects they get an advanced level English certificate.

We have two English and one German-Spanish language preparatory courses. The purpose is to give students a solid foundation in grammar, listening, fluency, translation and reading in the first year. After passing the closing examination students learn according to the traditional national curriculum.

When our students complete their schooling after their final exams, they get a general certificate of secondary education. After finishing secondary school they can apply for admission to universities or colleges. Since 2005 there have been ordinary and advanced level final exams.

If somebody would like to get admitted to the faculty of economics, arts, medicine or science they have to take the advanced level final exam in two subjects at least.

Most often approximately 70 percent of our students are admitted to university.