Energy production


During this year we'll make a final year project about green energy. Because we're working together with four other countries it's interesting for us to compare the types of energy production in these five countries.


The main Belgian energy resources are nuclear and fossil. Both resources produce pollution, which has a negative impact on the environment.


Hungary’s main resource is fossil fuels and nuclear energy is also a commonly used resource there. Identical to Belgium is that both main resources have a bad impact on the environment.


Greece uses almost 90% fossil fuels to produce its energy, which makes them the biggest producer of CO2 in terms of percentage.


In Italy they produce three quarters of their total energy with fossil fuels but they are slightly compensating this because almost all other resources create green energy. Italy is also the only country that uses geothermal energy.


The most environment friendly country is Sweden, although they do produce half of all their energy with nuclear resources. All other resources produce green energy. Sweden is also the biggest producer of hydro energy.

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