Uniform variable linear movement

What does this mean?

The uniform variable linear movement means that uninterrupted objects will continue to move in a straight line and with an acceleration or speed reduction for a certain time.

The uniform variable linear movement is used to calculate the acceleration or speed reduction of a moving object.

Uniform variable linear movement is measured in two parts. Acceleration or speed reduction and time. Together these make up the velocity.

distance: s= s0 + v0 * t + (a*t²)/2
speed: v = v0 + a * t
s = distance v = speed
s0 = beginning distance v0= beginning speed
v0= beginning speed a = acceleration
t = time t = time
a = acceleration  
Word list

uniform: eenparig

variable: veranderlijk

linear: rechtlijnig

movement: beweging

speed: snelheid

acceleration: versnelling

speed reduction : vertraging

distance: afstand

time: tijd

velocity: snelheid

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Maarten Lermyte and Marijn Theunynck

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