In the LEGO CAT International project, LEGO will be used to work around saving energy and environment-friendly energy production. In Belgium, and as an extra,  we are working on the installation of a solar thermal panel in the waste disposal park for the general public in De Panne. We can realize this with the support of Viessmann and the town of De Panne.


A solar thermal panel is a system that can heat water with sunrays. The sunrays heat a panel with copper tubes.

These tubes contain a heat transporting fluid. It absorbs the heat in the solar panel, brings it to the boiler and passes the heat to the water in the boiler.

This house is an educational project. A little system will be installed to stimulate the inhabitants of De Panne to be environment-friendly. On the wall of this little house, you will be able to read the temperature in the panel and in the boiler. The people can also wash their hands with hot water after disposing their waste.


The house will be placed in the middle of the waste disposal park.

This system, called the solar boiler, is most cost-effective in the south of Europe, but in the north too it can be used part of the year. In central Europe, you earn your money back in 10 years.


Here you see the schematics.

Pieter Vandecassserie

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