Uniform Circular Movement (UCM)

The circular movement is uniform and its speed is constant. Remember that speed is a scalar magnitude which does not change during the UCM.

As well as with r.p.m. and r.p.s., the U.C.M. can be described using the speed with which the angle, described by the radius which joins the centre of the movement to the body, changes.

The way to express the units of speed of the UCM is, angular velocity, is radians per second.

Circular movement can be seen in many appliances which surround us; engines, the hands of a clock and wheels a merry-go-round, the "death spiral" in figure skating for pairs, a satellite in orbit or a model airplane on a string are some examples.





Vocabulary list

velocity = snelheid
magnitude = grootheid
angular velocity = hoeksnelheid
radians = radialen
r.p.s. = radialen per minuut
a merry-go-round = een draaimolen
a satellite in orbit = een satelliet in een baan
uniform = constant

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Stijn Hoflack and Boris Bordon